We advise companies in the adoption of good practices in their fight against Climate Change, designing low-carbon strategies and accompanying them in the adoption of mitigation and adaptation measures

Design and support in low-carbon strategies


AC provides advice to those companies that are executing climate strategies, connecting them with a network of highly qualified suppliers with a vast experience in the market for the provision of environmental services.


Climate Diagnosis

It is an analysis that is carried out to the companies and allows to know in which situation they are in the frame of the fight against Climate Change. These strategies are framed within the scope of the following categories:


  1.  Governance

  2.  Planning

  3.  CO2 footprint

  4.  Energy

  5.  Circular Economy

  6.  H2O resource

  7.  Commitment

  8.  Corporate Policy


The result of the diagnosis will allow AC to provide technical support to the company in the design and execution of its climate strategies. This will allow the improvement of the company`s climatic performance –reducing its environmental impact and optimizing its desition-making processes– while representing effective measures in terms of cost reduction, compliance with regulations (both national and international), increased productivity, significant improvement of corporate social responsibility standards, and environmental care, among others.

The Diagnostic Questionnaire Measures the Performance of Companies with Respect to the Following Items